Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome to the inaugural issue of my blog. It is titled "Fall of Hate". There's a couple of reasons for that, none of them good. I wanted a name that sounded kind of trendy, and kind of funny in the way that really good punk songs or album titles are funny. Puns, I suppose you would call them. I didn't really get there, although there are some nice multiple meanings to "fall" that could be interesting to explore. Interesting in the way that I don't know whether they are "homonyms" or "polysemous", but Wikipedia's not really helping me figure out the difference. Anyway, here are some things about me that could prove useful to you in the future, or now if they have an impact on whether you are going to continue reading this blog or not. I am an atheist. I was a mormon, then a christian, then an agnostic, and now an atheist. I am a libertarian. I like lots of kinds of music, but not most of the top 40 stuff. And I don't like country music. I like to read, a lot. I read fiction, and I read non-fiction. I like to Stumble. It seems every time I stumble upon a website that I love, someone has already Stumbled it. Luckily, most of my friends don't know about Stumble, so to them I am still a trend-setter. I shouldn't say "still a trend-setter" because I never have been one. Anyway, I believe that I will mostly post atheist propaganda, libertarian propaganda, and generally try to persuade you to think exactly like I do. I will fail horribly, but I think that we can all have fun while trying, right? Oh, and I'll try and persuade you to read books that are good for you. Or bad for you. Just pick up a book and read it, you're bound to learn something! Especially if you read some Kurt Vonnegut or Chuck Palahniuk. <-------------- I spelled this right the first time, but I had to check it at his official site:

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