Thursday, November 1, 2007

Vandals and eggs and atheists, oh my!

In this story from the Chicago-area Daily Herald, we find out the sad state of the education system. I thought it was a pretty standard story about retaliation against atheists until I got to the last line of the story:

The vandalism likely was the retaliatory work of youngsters, police Sgt. Mike Millett said -- since it came on the heels of the school incident and because one of the chalked words, "Jesus," was misspelled.
See, this is why we need to put religion back into the schools. These devout youth need to be able to properly spell the name of their lord and savior when they are busy vandalizing the neighborhood. Today's vandal-on-the-go doesn't have time to drag a dictionary or bible around with them wherever they go, they need to know this stuff! Although, I think the article itself has it misspelled, I believe the technical spelling is "jeebus". Just trying to help out . . .

On a related topic, I noticed that Darwin Fish Wholesale has a "JEEBUS" car emblem now. How cool is that????

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