Monday, January 19, 2009

Omaha conservatives speak out!

I really cannot fathom how people can still think Bush has done a good job. Here are two examples of letter to the editor in today's Omaha World Herald, apparently in response to a letter critical of Bush (link unavailable, sic throughout).


Evidently, MD Funk has never been in the position of responsibility when his best efforts were torpedoed by those whose only purpose was to destroy him with lies, untrue criticisms or deliberate sabotage.
It doesn't take a genius to see how President Bush was the bull's-eye for every unfair accusation, innuendo and plot to overthrow him by the ultraliberal establishment.
Unfortunately, the only ones left when this sinks in will be the enemies of all that's holy- the radical Muslims. I hope they enjoy the change to the new world order.

I swore I was not going to do this after the election, but MD Funk's letter changed my mind. Some people just cannot let it go. President-elect Obama won. Obama's supporters should be happy and let President Bush slide on out.
I want to thank Bush for keeping this country safe since 9/11. I know of no terror attacks on this country, and I suspect there have been many thwarted by our intelligence services.
I want to thank Bush for being the fall guy for every single lack of personal responsibility each American has shown for the past eight years-- from Freddi Mac to Fannie Mae to Hurricane Katrina to the auto industry going broke to the failure of the Bowl Championship Series to the lack of oversight by Wall Street.
Bush has been blamed and taken it without retort, although anyone would know that Bush has very little to do with how these things are run.
As far as blaming Bush or Cheney for what some consider torture, I say: if it saves one American life, who cares? Our enemy doesn't play by the rules and never will.

And my retort that I submitted today:

I would like to join the chorus of those thanking Bush for keeping our country safe from terrorism (except for 9/11). Thank goodness he was here to keep us safe from terrorists (except for 9/11) by starting several wars around the world. I'm so glad that he realized that we didn't really need those trillions of dollars that we are spending anyway. So what if we've killed nearly 100,000 civilians in Iraq? I wish people would realize that the president isn't responsible for everything! Luckily he had the foresight to pick out great deputies, like Dick Cheney or Henry Paulson, whom all will agree have been doing a wonderful job. So I say we should ignore those thousands of newspapers around the world that are saying Bush is the worst president ever. This is America, we don't need to listen to foreigners.

I think thanks are also in order to heads of all the major national banks for a job well done, except for the current banking crisis. I also agree that that the mainstream media has always been unfair- just look at how they blamed the whole Exxon Valdez oil spill on that one captain, while completely ignoring all the times he didn't crash!
It remains to be seen if the sarcasm is too subtle for its intended audience.

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