Sunday, December 2, 2007

Comix, witticisms, etc...

Every so often, as I'm stumbling around the web, something catches my eye. Google's Notebook is awesome for stuff like this. Stuff that I don't really need to bookmark, but would like to have later to refer to. It's ended up in practice being a place for me put witty little comics and pics from the internets that make me chuckle. I envision this being a semi-regular kind of posting that shows you what's made the cut for atheist stuff this week. Here goes :) BTW, I'm trying as best I can to give credit to where I found the item if I don't know where it originally came from.

From Sinfest:

Kiss Hank's Ass- a classic story with a modern interpretation, finely dusted with satire.

The Atheist Delusion on You Tube - again, satire rules! This is NOT the Kirk Cameron banana debate, although that is hilarious too!

I'm cracking up lately, with this "Raptor Jesus" phenomenon- just google it if you don't know! This one came from Smelly Bean

This comic from the Atheist Community of Austin I have found to be reliably funny in its satirical mission:

I'm not sure of the derivation of this, but it's poking fun at the lolcat phenomenon at the same time :) I found it at

Again, I'm not sure about where this came from, but I thought it was hilarious! For what god has wrought, let no man break asunder . . . :) I found it at

This whole intelligent design debate reminds me of Candide from the French enlightenment philosopher Voltaire. It's brilliant, and if you haven't read it yet, you should. This one came from

This chart came from If you don't know the meaning of nullifidian, take a moment and click here. It's a fun word to say : )

This is from De-Conversion, one of my favorite blogs. Or perhaps I should rephrase: I first saw this comic on De-Conversion, but it's really from a parody of a Chick Tract. If you are familiar with those, please enjoy the full version here.

This is just funny! I found it at


  1. The Adams quotation is unconsciously funny, because, of course, it is not a puddle that wakes up (if the analogy is to hold): it is a world that wakes up, and claims that there seems to be a hole in the universe just the right shape. And so there is. Consider the lifelessness of the other planets in our system. Consider the moon. Without it we couldn’t live on planet earth. For without the tides created by the moon, we wouldn’t have waves. And without the waves, the shores would never be clean, nor would the plancton become oxygenated; and the plancton is the beginning of the food chain of the world. And without the food chain, we’d cease to exist. I note that your discussion (and comedy) seem only to stagger to the level of adolescence. I won't insult you by wrongly guessing your age, but my advice would be READ. Then read some more. Keep on reading. Read Kierkegaard. Read Thomas Aquinas.Consider (O please consider) the analogy between aesthetics and the philosophy of religion: each concerned with an aspect of human passion and action which has no known biological function, but which is nonetheless virtually universal (no culture without either is ever known to have existed); and to which men attach a very high value. Read as far as your thought can reach. Atheism is like acne. It needs (mental) exercise, and (life) experience to finally disappear.

  2. Anonymous: I think you may be misinterpreting the analogy. It's meant as a criticism of the sort of religious apologist mindset that in unable to think scientifically. It's not that the world wakes up at all to find a universe sized hole, it's the religious person that wakes up and is so staggeringly arrogant as to think that this world was created for them. Granted, I do enjoy adolescent comedy, but please don't denigrate my discussion so. For your information, I *HAVE* read Aquinas and Kierkegaard, as well as Voltaire, Locke, Hobbes, Mill, Voltaire, Nietzche, etc... As a philosophy minor, I'm well aware of the intellectual sophistry that goes into the apologist position. You may want to consider a better apologist than Kierkegaard, however. It seems to me that most of his arguments are rather infantile. Further, it is spelled "plankton". So, I'd repeat your injunction back to you: KEEP READING. But do so with a mind that admits the possiblity that the persistence of religion throughout and across societies has more to do with some sort of vestigal brain defect or a childish longing for importance than as proof of the existence of a deity.


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