Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Survey: Most Americans Believe in Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ | Christianpost.com

Survey: Most Americans Believe in Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ | Christianpost.com

I'm pretty sure that sampling 1,005 adults by a "christian polling organization" is going to return these kinds of results, but here goes. Highlights:

  • Respondents were apparently asked whether they believed that the following stories were "factually accurate" or "meant to teach principles"
    • Virgin-birth of Christ
    • Christ turning water into wine
    • Christ feeding the multitudes with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish
    • Noah's ark & the flood
    • Serpent (devil) tempting Eve to eat the forbidden fruit
    • Samson's strength being derived from his hair & loss of strength after Delilah cut it.

Once again, I am nearly speechless. As I was explaining here, if you are a biblical literalist, we don't really have anything to discuss. It takes such a willful disregard for facts, biology, even the laws of physics as we know them, that a discussion between us is bound to be unproductive. I think I could almost grant you that biblical stories are meant to be allegorical and a way to teach morality if it weren't for all the incest, genocide, torture, slavery, murder, etc... in the "good book".
However, if there is truly 75% of the American population that literally believes that Jeebus was born from a virgin I might really have to abandon this country. I'm moving to Norway. Luckily, I'm quite certain that the Christian anti-science bias and ignorance of scientific method extends to the area of statistical analysis and polling science.

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