Sunday, February 3, 2008

Omaha street sign to honor famous atheist? Metro/Region Section

Hemant at Friendly Atheist beat me to it, but it's in my local paper :) Tilting at windmills? Probably, especially here in the conservative (read: Christian monopoly) midwest.

However, I was astounded to hear Councilman Chuck Siegerson say, "We have to be careful when it comes to something like this," he said. "We try to keep religion out of it."

Wow, how very enlightened of you, Councilman. It makes me wonder though, if a lowly city councilman from the pseudo-metropolis of Omaha argues that religion shouldn't have a place in naming streets, why do we have presidential candidates that think it ought to have a place in the constitution?

EDIT: You can't tell from the website, but this was front page news, albeit below-the-fold. I can't wait for the firestorm to hit the letters to the editor page, which is called "The Public Pulse", but should be known as "Barely a Pulse" for all the intellectual honesty involved. It's too bad they don't make these letters available online, as I've also commented on them here and here.

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