Tuesday, February 5, 2008

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Omaha says "no" to Madalyn Murray O'Hair Street

Anyone who thought it would go another way was, of course, crazy. By the way, here's the area that was at stake for a "commemorative" street naming:

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Not exactly asking for an empire, was he?

Councilman Garry Gernandt said after the meeting that he was contacted by close to 200 constituents concerning the Murray O’Hair sign, and not a single one was in support.

“They said we should keep religious and state issues separate,” Gernandt said.

I promise you that was the first time any of those 200 people had said anything close to "we should keep religious and state issues separate". Those are the same people who wrote letters to the editor bemoaning the lack of prayer in school and seeing this as another attempt of the godless majority (insert laugh here) to suppress the rights of good Christians. Do I get credit for being a prophet now? Here's what I said this morning:
Luckily, the city council meets today and will swiftly vote down this attempt to create a godless democracy where a theocracy ought to be. HA!

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