Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christian University official arrested in gay-sex sting

Call it schadenfreude if you want, but I love these kinds of hypocrites when they get exposed. Republicans, clergy, and officials at Christian universities are always getting caught in tawdry bathroom-stall hijinks, and I love it.

52-year-old Robert Williams, Chief Financial Officer of Cincinnati Christian University, was arrested with two others on Saturday, said to have "manually stimulated" an undercover police officer in Mount Airy Forest. He is charged with sexual imposition.

The university has placed Williams on administrative leave while officials "assess the facts of the case."

"We are shocked and dismayed by the news of Robert Williams' arrest," said Cincinnati Christian University President David Faust in a statement. "This is a personal tragedy for him and for his family, and we lift them up in our prayers."

Yes, do that. Lift them all up in your prayers, and then see if that makes one bit of difference here in the real world.

I think that's the real reason they are opposed to gay marriage-they worry that they might be forced to marry the strange guy they offer a free blowjob to in the "man cave" down at the local park. Don't worry guys, shotgun marriages have been going out of style for years now (unless your last name is Palin). Today's gays get married because they want a long-term, committed relationship and all the sundry benefits that come with that, not because they're out to destroy your marriage. Which, apparently you are destroying rather well on your own by having random affairs, let alone gay ones.

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