Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Raw Story | Whistleblower exposed NSA wiretapping because 'this is crazy'

Thomas Tamm was a lawyer for the Justice Department, until he became a whistleblower that exposed the illegal warrantless wiretapping program that the Bush Administration pursued as a part of the broader war on personal liberty. Listen to the emotions here as he explains, "My entire life, really, was based on trying to enforce the law ... and I believed that the law was being broken in the place where I was working."

Whistleblower exposed NSA wiretapping because 'this is crazy': "'I just stepped back and said, 'This is crazy,'' Tamm told [MSNBC's Rachel] Maddow. 'This is not what the Department of Justice is all about. This is not what the Constitution is about.'

Tamm would now like to see serious consideration of prosecutions for these crimes. 'It offends me that we feel we're not strong enough as a country, that our laws are not strong enough, that our Congress is not strong enough, that our courts are not strong enough to protect us,' he stated. 'And I personally -- I'm a prosecutor ... I think it should be looked at very seriously.'"

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